College Leadership

Principal Team

Acting Principal
Adam Smith

Assistant Principal – Middle School
Phillip Adams

Assistant Principal – Senior School
Glen Cowan

Assistant Principal – Curriculum and Pedagogy
Taryn Godley

Assistant Principal – Student Wellbeing and Engagement
Zac Anderson

Acting Assistant Principal – School Operations
Anthony Asta

Leadership Team

Sub-School Leaders

Year 7 Leader
Belinda McKenzie

Year 8 Leader
Rachael Salter

Year 9 Acting Leader
Michael Agosta

Year 10 Acting Leader
Christopher Menzies

Year 11 Leader
George Conway

Year 12 Leader
Samantha Smith

Year Level Leaders

Year 7 Coordinators
Lucy Gardner
Kailyn Wakartschuk

Year 8 Coordinator
Hassan Mansour

Year 9 Coordinator
Jarrod McDonald

Year 10 Coordinator
Sarah Scott

Year 11 Coordinator
Sam Ritter

Year 12 Coordinator
Ignatius Zanetidis

Teaching and Learning Leaders

Leading Teacher – Curriculum & Pedagogy
Sara Mamone

Learning Specialist – Building Teacher Capacity
Anthony Weare

Acting Learning Specialist – Inclusive Education
Nancy D’Aspromonte

Acting Learning Specialist – EAL
Viktorija Nikolovska

Leading Teacher – Careers & Pathways
Liam Ward

Instructional Leadership

Elise Westphalen (Learning Specialist)
Blair Duncan
Leah Roach
Sabrine Barakat (EAL)
Madeleine Charisis (Middle Years Reading)

Erin Simpson (Learning Specialist)
Eric Sekkouah
Audrey Tran-Nguyen

Tiffani Meier (Acting Learning Specialist)
Nicole Tamburini
Lucy Gardner (Scaffolding Numeracy in the Middle Years)

Eliza Rodriguez

Health & Physical Education
Rebecca Stamkovski
Benjamin Catania
Zak Mirabelli (Interschool Sports)

Nadia La Macchia

Arts & Technology
Cian Barrie (Learning Specialist – Design & Technology)
Andria Norvelis (Learning Specialist – Visual Arts & Ceramics)
Cameron Stark (Instrumental Music)

College Administration & Operations


Business Manager
Sally Boyd

Services Manager
Sophie Muir

Human Resource Manager
Donna Lockett

College Operations

School Operations / Daily Organisation Manager
Shane Edge