Values and Expectations

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At Edgars Creek Secondary College our values are:


  • Respect Yourself – having regard for self in terms of physical, social and emotional health and wellbeing.
  • Respect Others– Mutual Respect and acceptance of others, their property and their differences.
  • Respect of Environment – recognising that we must act responsibly to maintain our world.

Embrace Learning:

  • Learn by maintaining a positive and curious mind while seeking out new knowledge and ideas.
  • Acknowledge that learning extends beyond the classroom into the larger community and the world.
  • Learning is an active process where students are challenged to solve problems and construct meaning in critical and creative ways with the support of passionate and committed teachers.

Aim to Innovate

  • Encourage originality, enquiry, positive risk-taking, critical thinking and multiple means of expression in all members of the school community
  • Use evolving technologies to support student engagement and teaching and learning

Look to Inspire yourself and others

  • Pursue personal excellence in at least one area of school life – academic, leadership, community involvement, the arts, sport or extra curricula programs
  • Displaying pride and satisfaction in individual achievement while encouraging others to do the same.
  • To look to members of the school and global community for inspiration and motivation in how to achieve a positive and well-balanced life.


Our Expectations

We have a high expectation that our students will have a strong commitment, not only to their specialist areas of interest but also to their academic studies. We offer a complete educational program and students are expected to aim for excellence in all areas of the curriculum, student leadership, personal development and community connections.


Shared Expectations

At our College we recognises that, in the pursuit of excellence, all students are individuals entitled to equal opportunity, a positive learning environment and on-going support to enable them to realise their fullest potential – intellectual, personal, physical, creative, social and vocational.