Our Staff

Joanne Camozatto
College Principal

Curriculum Innovations – Teaching and Learning 

Glen Cowan
Assistant Principal Strategic Planning and Curriculum Innovation
Taryn Godley
Assistant Principal Curriculum & Pedagogy
(Currently on leave)
Anthony Asta
Leading Teacher Timetabling/Data
Sara Mamone
Leading Teacher Curriculum and Pedagogy 
Cian Barrie
Learning Specialist
Digital Technology
Erin Simpson
Learning Specialist Mathematics
Elise Westphalen
Learning Specialist
Michael Agosta
Instructional Leader
Health and Physical Education
Jasmine Almatrah
Instructional Leader
School Wide Positive Behaviour
Nancy D’Aspromonte
Instructional Leader
Student excellence and intervention 

Tiffani Meier
Instructional Leader Science 
Chloe Morley
Instructional Leader Humanities 

Senior School Team

Angela Narayan-Butler
Assistant Principal
Senior School
George Conway
Year 10 coordinator

Middle School Team

Philip Adams
Assistant Principal Middle School
Belinda McKenzie
Leading Teacher
Middle School
Rachael Salter
Leading Teacher
Middle School
Tanele Spiteri
Year 7 Coordinator
Sandii Ambegoda
Year 8 Coordinator
Melissa Broders
Year 9 Coordinator

Wellbeing Team

Chantelle Gianinotti
Student Wellbeing Coordinator
Kathryn Wakeling
Social Worker

Administration Team

Sophie Muir
Business Manager
Stephen Dovile
IT Manager
Vanessa Bitton
Accounts Payable

Jovana Prstojevic
Daily Organisation