Educational Consultants

To ensure our teaching staff have access to quality professional learning and the most effective teaching practices, the College engages a group of key educationalists to work within the school on building practice excellence.

Bronwyn Ryrie Jones is best described as a specialist educational consultant who supports teachers and leaders to:

  • articulate progressions of learning that underpin planning, teaching and assessment
  • generate evidence-based rubrics for assessment
  • collect, analyse and use assessment data more meaningfully
  • develop a common understanding of best practice

A teacher, Clinical Specialist and Doctoral Candidate (the University of Melbourne, Graduate School of Education), Bronwyn is highly-respected for her ability to bridge the gap between complex theory and everyday practice.

Rob Park can be described as a specialist educational consultant who has worked extensively across Melbourne, regional Victoria and New York for the past 10 years supporting teachers and school leaders

  • identify student misunderstandings related to additive vs multiplicative thinking
  • explore the applications of problem-based learning
  • identify, gather and analyse data to improve student learning.

Rob holds a Masters in Education and a Bachelors Degree in Science Education in addition to 32 years’ of experience in the middle and senior years of school education. Most of Rob’s work is in the field of coaching Mathematics teachers, however, he also has extensive experience as a facilitator and critical friend to school leaders through his past work with the University of Melbourne Network of Schools.

Louise O’Kelly has worked extensively in Tasmania, Victoria, Queensland and the Northern Territory on educating schools on the implementation of the School Wide Positive Behaviour framework. For over 10 years she was the Positive Behaviour Education Consultant for the Department of Education in Tasmania. She originally began her teaching career in Special Education and this encouraged her interest in how to teach young people positive behaviours. She is currently a PhD Candidate at La Trobe University.

Tom and Terri Campbell have a combined 70 years’ experience across primary and secondary classrooms, and are working with the College to improve literacy – specifically writing – outcomes. They have worked for seven years in New York City alongside teachers and students and running school, district and citywide workshops focused on literacy practices in the classroom, as well as 12 years consulting and conducting workshops on literacy practices in Victorian and Queensland schools. He has worked for six years in partnership with The University of Melbourne establishing the Network of Schools (UMNOS).